Your Questions Answered

Whether you decide to trust your business with SnowScape Services or not, we have been in this business long enough that we feel that everyone should ask the right questions before engaging a professional snow removal service operator.


How to find a Snow and Ice Management Provider

What services do I require of my service provider?

In addition to keeping your parking lot plowed, will you need a deicer applied or sidewalk clearing? Do you want a provider that is equipped to handle high-accumulation storms? Will you need to have snow removed from the site? All of these questions need to be answered before you begin your search.

Are you satisfied with your current level of service?

Does your current service provider have the financial position to survive economic slow periods, fix and maintain snow removal equipment, carry the necessary deicers and provide the necessary staffing to service your property? Can they handle an unexpected storm or equipment breakdown? Is your current level of service lowering your exposure to potential litigation due to slip and fall accidents? If you answered, “yes” to all of these questions, why change? A long term, mutually beneficial relationship with your service provider is in your best interest.


What you should look for in a Snow and Ice Management Provider

Does the service provider carry proper insurance?

This item should be non-negotiable. If they do not have the proper insurance coverage, their bid should not be considered. Why? You must consider the cost to you if anything should happen on your property and your service provider is uninsured or underinsured. It’s not worth the risk! Don’t be afraid to ask to see proof of insurance. Any professional service provider will be happy to show this to you.

How long has the service provider been in business?

You should look for a provider that is knowledgeable and keeps current on changes in products, equipment and technology.

Is the service provider able to give you comparable references?

When considering references, be sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Just because the service provider gives excellent service to a small restaurant does not necessarily qualify them to handle a hospital, which must be maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get an estimate.

If you call service providers for estimates, expect them to visit your property before giving you the estimate. Not only is it necessary to determine how they will approach the job, it is also necessary for them to note items that may be easily damaged if they don’t know exactly where they are, such as flowerbeds, fire hydrants and mailboxes.

Does the provider use contracts?

A contract should be used to clearly define the level of service provided, the pricing of those services and the payment terms. It should also disclose the cost of additional services should they be required, such as stacking or hauling away snow.

Do you understand the different ways a service provider prices his/her services?

Pricing should be one of the last areas for comparison of potential service providers. Unfortunately, it is often the motivating factor in awarding a contract. As a consumer, do you really want to know how much per hour it will cost you to have your lot cleared? Probably not, as this price would vary depending on the type of equipment that each service provider intends to use. What you are really interested in is how much it will cost to clear your lot to your specifications.


Always choose an experienced professional!

Professional service providers may not be the lowest bidder, but remember that they are maintaining and paying insurance, payroll taxes, overhead and reinvesting into their businesses; committed to service and quality and keep their equipment operable and purchase the necessary products to maintain their accounts and grow their business.